Applications as a Service

Moreficent lets you run applications in the cloud and use them through your browser. These could be standard desktop applications like IntelliJ Idea and Google Chrome, React Native mobile applications or your own proprietary software.

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Applications start with a single click. Nothing needs to be installed or configured or updated. You are always on the latest version of the platform.


Existing applications, workflows and tooling can be used without modification. Updates to processes can be immediately synchronised across your team.


We use bleeding edge technology to minimize the latency and hardware requirements at your end. Running even the most demanding applications requires fewer resources than playing a typical YouTube video.


Since everything runs on the cloud, we are able to enforce a strong security model to control what data flows into and out of your environment. It is impossible to install malware, either accidentally or maliciously.

Cross Device

Accesss your applications and data on any device with a modern web browser, be that a laptop, mobile or tablet.


Since your interactions with the application are routed through the internet, it is straightforward to allow multiple users to concurrently use the same application. Moreficent thus extends modern collaborative tools to all desktop applications.

Cloud Scale

Harness the massive power of cloud computing to use the resources you want. Scale up or scale down as your requirements change and pay for what you need.


We don’t use GPUs or other exotic hardware, instead relying on nerdy math and fancy algorithms. This way, we are able to significantly lower the cost of running applications in the cloud. These savings are passed onto you.

Plans + Pricing

Individual Team Enterprise
Target Individuals Power users, small teams, startups Medium to large companies
Billing Per user Per team size, centralized Per team size, centralized
Hosting Moreficent Moreficent On-Premises
Minimum Contract Duration None 1 Month 6 Months
Minimum Users 1 1 10
Access Control None Granular Granular
Data Transfer Control None BiDirectional BiDirectional
Clipboard Synchronization None Configurable Configurable
Environments Default Custom Custom
Maximum Concurrent Environments 1 1.5 x Team Size Unrestricted
Simultaneous Shares 5 5 x Team Size Unrestricted
Automatic Disk Backup None Daily Configurable

Pricing: Free

Moreficent is currently in beta, so all that we want is your feedback, support and love. If you want to upgrade your account to a team or an enterprise account, or get a costing estimate, send us an email.

Technology + Recruitment

The most common mistake made by a smart engineer is to build things that should not exist. The second most common mistake is to automate things that should not exist. Therefore, on the engineering side, we are looking for people with experience in identifying problems in a messy domain about which they have incomplete knowledge. There are three broad roles:

  1. Systems Engineering: You will be working on the core virtualization and compression stack, most of which is written in Rust. We are looking for people with prior experience in asynchronous, high performance or resource constrained computing, like high frequency trading, embedded systems and games.
  2. Data Engineering: You will be responsible for building the data collation and processing pipelines that motivate the direction of technology and business. Most of the collation and processing stack is written in Python and Scala, while the intelligence is written with Tensorflow. We use a blend of bayesian statistics and deep learning and are looking for people who have experience with semi-supervised methods like active and reinforcement learning.
  3. HCI Engineering: You will be responsible for designing and building the frontend of the platform, most of which is written in TypeScript.

Being a very small team, we rely heavily on automation and ahead-of-time proofs of program correctness. Therefore you get bonus points if you have experience with modern build tools like Bazel, functional programming, type algebra and/or fuzzing.

On the business side, the problems we face are search problems, not execution problems. Therefore we are looking for people with experience in product design and packaging. You will be responsible for framing product hypotheses, testing them quickly in the market, learning and iterating.

To apply, send us an email.